A Look At The Common Mistakes People Make Using Extension Power Cords In Their Garage

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A Look At The Common Mistakes People Make Using Extension Power Cords In Their Garage

12 September 2016
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No matter how many outlets you have in the garage of your home, it is likely that there will be some point when you must have an electrical extension cord for some form of operation. From garage door openers to power tools, many objects found in the usual garage simply don't come equipped with power cords which are long enough to meet an outlet, especially if your garage is fairly large. While extension cords are always a lifesaver in the garage, it is crucial that you know how to use them properly. Here are a few of the biggest mistakes to avoid in your garage with extension cords. 

Mistake: Running the cord in an area where it is in danger of getting damaged. 

Why? The garage is a highly functional part of your home, and there can be a lot of heavy-duty things happening in this one place. From the garage door constantly in motion to moving vehicles, there are numerous ways in which a power cord could get damaged. You should never run a cord across the ground where it will be ran over every day by your vehicle or in a spot where it could get caught by your garage door. Instead, when using an extension cord, take the extra effort to run the cord along the walls or ceiling to keep it out of the way. 

Mistake: Using indoor extension cords. 

Why? Your garage likely sees a lot of moisture, whether it is dripping from your wet car after you pull inside or due to spilled liquids like coolant or oil. Therefore, it is always best to opt for power extension cords that are designed specifically for outdoor use. Indoor use extension cords do not have the same layers of protection as those which are designed for outdoor use. Therefore, these cords can easily get damaged if they are exposed to moisture. 

Mistake: Using low-grade extension cords for high-powered jobs. 

Why? The equipment that you have in your garage can easily require more wattage or power than small wares that you may use an extension cord for in the house. For example, an air compressor powered by electricity will definitely need a heavy-duty extension cord that is designed to handle high-wattage power. If you use a cord that is not built to support high watts of electricity, you could cause the cord to melt or become otherwise damaged, which will be a risk of fire in your garage. 

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