Taking Your Standard Ceiling Lights In Your Office To Motion Sensor Lights: How Kim Retrofit Kits Work

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Taking Your Standard Ceiling Lights In Your Office To Motion Sensor Lights: How Kim Retrofit Kits Work

16 September 2016
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Office lighting often has two functions--on and off. Sometimes your office lighting only has one function, which is "on" and it remains on throughout the night. This gets really expensive after a time, but what are your alternatives, really? Actually, there is a nice middle ground option that you can choose. It is motion sensor lighting, which allows you to control the lighting with movement and turn it on and off as needed. Some of the Kim retrofit kits that transform standard office lighting to motion sensor lighting even all for timed lighting features, which turns the lights off for the night after a certain hour and only reactivates when motion in the office is detected. You can buy the kits and do this yourself--here is how they work.

Wiring the Kit to Your Current Lighting

You will need one retrofit kit for each panel of ceiling lights. The wiring for each panel of ceiling lights is then connected to the motion sensor wiring, and the motion sensor panel is fit to an opening cut in the ceiling. If your ceiling lights in your office are spaced too close together, you may need an electrician's help to get the panels into position and get the wiring to fit correctly. Instructions are included if you want to do this yourself, but you still might want to consult an electrician to get the wiring correct.

Wiring the Sensor Panel to the Switch 

If you want a motion sensor switch on the wall along with the overhead panel, you will need to run the wiring from the overhead sensor panel to the switch, and then install the new wall switch. This tends to be a little more complicated, since you might have to open up the wall and ceiling to install this special switch. If you can manage to thread the wiring through the ceiling and then down into the wall, you will need another person to help you see and grab the wires as they descend downward inside the wall towards the opening for the new switch. Be sure to test the switch after you attach the wires so that you know the switch is functional before you insert the whole switch into the wall.

Since the Kim retrofit kits are wired to the lights, they receive the electrical current that the lights receive. This means that you do not have to send additional wiring from the circuit/fuse box to the sensor to get it to work. It also means that the installation is relatively simple, and you should be able to handle most of the light conversions on your own. For more information, contact a business such as Cool Lite.