Want To Give Your Phone A Bit Of Class? Two Monet Floral Phone Case Designs That Just Might Do It

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Want To Give Your Phone A Bit Of Class? Two Monet Floral Phone Case Designs That Just Might Do It

26 September 2016
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You've got a new phone and you want to give it some personality. You also love flowers and wouldn't mind using them in some sort of phone case design, but a bunch of posies in a vase or a repetitive, perhaps boring pattern just won't do. Why not select a phone case that bears the floral works of Claude Monet? He is considered by some as the founder of French Impressionism and was extremely fond of flowers. Below is a brief introduction to the artist and two of the most commonly-found Monet floral phone case designs.

Who is Claude Monet?

Prior to the Impressionist movement, most artists were trained to paint in the classical style. The finished painting was an exact rendering of the subject matter, similar to a photograph. Claude Monet (1840 to 1926), was one of the first and one of the most prolific artists who chose to veer away from classic painting techniques. The idea was to paint the impression of a scene, rather than painting the scene exactly as it was. People, landscapes and fields of random flowers were all captured by Monet's bright colors and bold brush strokes. Toward the end of his life, the artist was happiest in his oversized garden in Giverny, just outside of Paris. Monet spent hours painting the fluidic floral landscapes he is best known for.

Two Most Commonly Found Monet Phone Case Designs

The Water Lilies in Giverny's Pond

Monet loved water lilies. His garden was dominated by a huge pond in the center, filled with the blue, white and sometimes reddish-pinkish flowers. In the early decades of the 20th century, Monet captured the flowers and that pond in several paintings, calling most of them simply "Water Lilies." The blue water lilies are most often found on phone cases, but sometimes you can find other colors. Once in a while, you'll find part of Monet's Japanese bridge that spanned the pond or cases that focus mainly on the bridge and pond.

The Iris Garden at Giverny

The iris garden at Giverny was another favorite subject, and also one that is sometimes found on phone cases. These landscape paintings are literally riots of color, with daubs of paint added with deliberate strokes. The phone cases capture only a fraction of the entire landscape, but each one is filled from top to bottom with the dazzling flowers. Like the water lily phone cases, the iris versions also come in various shades.