What Makes A Business Computer About Business?

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What Makes A Business Computer About Business?

29 September 2016
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There are many different specializations and marketing terms out there that both make it easier to find exactly what you need and drive up profits for manufacturers. There are some marketing labels that are less about rigid differences, such as entertainment computers having few hardware differences from any other modern desktop computer. Other terms such as graphic design or gaming have different levels of business and personal use, but have major component differencessometimes with single components costing more than a general use computer. Here's some information to figure out what matters for your business when buying a computer.

Hardware Differences For Business Computers

Before going into any customization, it's important to note that there is no specific piece of hardware that separates a business computer from a general computer used at work or at home. There are many things that can be added to make specific business processes more simple, but there is no card, chip or drive that specifically enables general business success.

The business term is more about what kinds of software and services are included. Certain productivity software suites such as Microsoft Office are sought after for the general computer needs for most departments, including accounting, sales, human resources and anywhere that needs general typing and data entry.

Components that can increase business potential can boost any computer's potential, but it's important to note that most general business programs are designed to work on what most of their customers are using. You don't need a top of the line computer, but better components leads to better computer performance.

If your employees store information on the computer instead of on a network drive or a share drive, a bigger hard drive is in order. Hard drives are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased wholesale if you'd like a backup supply.

Random Access Memory (RAM) allows the computer to handle more processes at the same time, and together with a faster Central Processing Unit (CPU) your workers can open programs faster and multitask with fewer performance problems.

Is It Better To Upgrade Or Buy New Systems Wholesale?

When you need a large number of computers are higher performance levels, you need to consider the effort and costs associated with either upgrading components or buying new systems.

First, if you don't have an existing Information Technology (IT) staff, don't upgrade individual parts. This requires a team that knows how your systems works, what information needs to be preserved and how different programs operate together. Just because computers look like logical, standardized machines doesn't mean there aren't any specific differences in how things run with the way some programs are configured.

Upgrading should only be done with a dedicated staff, and you should consider the hours put into taking apart computers, installing components and making sure that the system works. Instead, computer wholesale distributors can deliver new systems to be configured for your business.

That isn't without its own IT needs, either. Information still needs to be migrated to the new systems, but you'll have faster computers to get the work done and less screwdriver use. Contact a computer wholesale distributor to discuss your upgrade needs.