Five Tips For Repairing Your Scratched Iphone's Camera Lens

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Five Tips For Repairing Your Scratched Iphone's Camera Lens

29 December 2016
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Taking pictures with the new iPhone 7 is incredible because the camera quality is better than it's even been with the past iPhones. However, when the camera lens becomes scratched, it can affect the quality of the pictures and cause major glares. Here are five tips to repair a scratched lens: 

  1. Toothpaste: Toothpaste is actually a great way to repair the scratches on your camera lens. Simply rub toothpaste on the camera lens with a q-tip and then wipe clean with a bit of water and a non-abrasive cloth. If this doesn't get the scratches out, you can try it a couple more times and be sure that you are rubbing with the toothpaste for at least five minutes each time. 
  2. Eraser: Using an eraser is another method that just may work. You may want to do this instead of toothpaste if you are at work or school and need to quickly remove the scratches. Just be sure that you do not move the eraser back and forth. Instead, you should move the eraser in a circular motion for it to be effective. 
  3. Rubbing Alcohol: Rubbing alcohol is another option for removing scratches, as well. You can mix rubbing alcohol with a little bit of water in order to dilute it and then rub on the camera lens with a non-abrasive cloth. 
  4. Vaseline: Vaseline is another good option that you can rub on with your finger if you don't happen to have a non-abrasive cloth. Just be sure that your hands are clean. Otherwise, the oils or dirt on your finger can cause more scratches because it is abrasive. 
  5. Buy Scratch Remover: Finally, you can visit an iPhone repair shop to purchase scratch remover. Scratch remover is definitely the most effective and safest option because it is designed to remove scratches. Just be sure that you let the professionals know that you are using it for the camera lens on your phone so that you end up purchasing the best type of scratch remover they have for that specific need. 

When you know these five tips for repairing your scratched iPhone camera lens, you can be sure that you choose the method that is most convenient for you. If the scratches are deemed impossible to remove, visit an iPhone repair shop to replace the lens for you so that you can continue capturing beautiful photos with your new iPhone 7.