Easy Ways To Maintain School Headphones To Get The Most From Your Investment

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Easy Ways To Maintain School Headphones To Get The Most From Your Investment

11 January 2017
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In a classroom setting where headphones are necessary, you could easily spend thousands of dollars on obtaining enough to go around. And because you want the headphones to be high enough quality that they last, there is no doubt that you will go for more expensive versions. The only thing is, no matter how high quality the school headphones may be that you buy, the investment will not last if you do not follow some pretty basic rules of maintenance. To ensure you get to reap the benefits of having quality headphones for your classroom for the long term, make sure you and your students are following these basic care rules. 

Make certain the headphones are properly stored after each use. 

A lot of damage to headphones occurs not when the students are actually using them, but over time because the headphones are not stored in the proper manner. For example, winding the cords tightly around the headphones can cause damage to the wires inside after several times of doing this. Make sure each computer or workstation has a designated spot to simply hang the headphones when they are not in use. There should be ample space in this area for the cord to be simply be tucked in place. 

Don't allow students to turn the speaker volume on the headphones too high. 

This can not only be hard on the ears of the students, but also the speakers of the headphones themselves. Even though students will probably have access to volume controls at their desk or computer, you can actually use the computer settings to control the master volume output to the headphones. With this protective measure in place, the volume will only reach a certain level and go no further, even though the headphones may be capable of producing a louder sound. 

Assign students their own pair of headphones if possible. 

It is much better for each student to have their own assigned set of headphones for a few reasons. For one, this will prevent the spread of germs from one student to the next. Additionally, from a maintenance standpoint, this is a good idea because it means the headphones will not have to be adjusted to fit someone's head every time they are used. Because adjusting the headband repeatedly can put stress on the construction of the headphones, it is a better idea to simply ensure the same student always uses the same set.