Investing In A Thermal Camera For Your Drone

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Investing In A Thermal Camera For Your Drone

18 August 2017
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As technology advances, consumers are finding new and exciting ways to implement electronic devices into their daily lives. Drones can serve a valuable role in monitoring large properties or facility compounds by allowing easy access to aerial imagery. If you are thinking of utilizing a drone package in your surveillance activities, it can be beneficial to add a thermal camera to your device.

Here are three tips to keep in mind as you purchase a thermal camera for your drone in the future.

1. Ensure the camera is compact.

While the images captured by a thermal camera can be beneficial when it comes to identifying heat-based anomalies during routine surveillance, the capturing of these images shouldn't impede the functionality of your drone.

Drones can be costly pieces of equipment, so you don't want to add a bulky camera that could leave the drone susceptible to balance issues that could cause it to crash. Look for a thermal camera that comes in a compact and lightweight case to ensure it pairs properly with your drone in the future.

2. Ensure the camera has a wide temperature range.

If you want to maximize the efficiency of your thermal camera, you need to ensure that it can measure temperatures within a wide range of possibilities. Many people think that a thermal camera is used only for identifying objects that produce a heat signature. In reality, the lack of a heat signature can be just as important.

A thermal camera mounted to your drone that has the ability to measure both hot and cool objects can help you identify potential water leaks or ice dams on facility roofs that need to be addressed before they can cause serious damage.

3. Ensure the camera is easy to operate.

Since you will be operating your thermal camera remotely once it has been mounted to your drone, it's important that you are able to operate the camera easily.

Look for a model that provides a simultaneous video display, a touchscreen remote, and easy-to-use features that can be activated with the touch of a button. These features will help to make your thermal camera more functional when used for practical applications.

Adding a thermal camera to your drone can increase the effectiveness of your surveillance activities. Ensure you are maximizing the efficiency of your camera by investing in a product that is compact, able to measure a wide range of temperatures, and features an operating system that is easy to use.