A Few Reasons To Use LED Lighting At Home

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A Few Reasons To Use LED Lighting At Home

4 December 2017
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It used to be that when you went to the store for light bulbs you only had to decide what wattage you wanted. Now, however, you are faced with shelves of different types of bulbs you can use in regular light sockets. You can choose between incandescent, fluorescent, high intensity, halogen, and LED bulbs in a variety of wattages. Here are a few of the benefits you will receive if you choose to go with LED lighting. 

Energy Efficiency

Compared to the other options, LED bulbs use less energy to create the most light where you need it. Traditional incandescent bulbs waste most of the energy used by producing heat instead of light. While fluorescent bulbs use much less energy for the amount of light produced, they still use more than LED lights. The same is true for halogen bulbs. Using less energy means that you will spend less on your electricity bills.

Environmentally Friendly

LED bulbs are 100 percent recyclable. The filaments or gases in the other bulbs need to be disposed of properly to avoid damaging the environment. If you use the spiral fluorescent or halogen bulbs you will need to contact your local garbage disposal company for the best way to get rid of any that are not working. Putting these blown bulbs into your regular garbage is not allowed.


Temperature, vibrations, shock, or minor impacts do not affect LED bulbs. This means you will not have to replace bulbs before they naturally wear out. You will save a lot of money when all the bulbs in your home last as long as possible. Consider how many times you have had to replace a bulb because someone accidentally hit the bulb or the fan vibrations broke it.


If you were to use the lighting fixture for 12 hours a day, an LED bulb will last for about 11 years. This is roughly 50 times the life of a traditional bulb. They will last 20 times as long as halogen bulbs and 10 times longer than fluorescent bulbs. LED lighting is a great option for saving money and the environment. While they may cost more per bulb, their durability and life expectancy will make them much more cost efficient. As an added bonus, if you have light fixtures that are hard to reach, you won't have to worry about changing them so often. No need to bring the ladder into the house or climb onto precariously stacked furniture.